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Jury selected for man accused of killing FMPD Officer; trial to resume on Monday

Posted at 6:48 AM, Apr 03, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-10 06:27:29-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Jury selection for the case of the murder of Fort Myers Police Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller started Monday and concluded on Thursday. 33-year-old Wisner Desmaret is the man standing trial.

This wasn't your average jury selection because the defendant was representing himself, meaning he was over-questioning the jury.

"I just want to ask them these questions what they…(umm) what's their partnership or what's their relationship," Desmaret asked.

That was the first question he asked during jury selection as he stands trial for first-degree murder.

“Do I look familiar, do you know me?" Desmaret asked.

Those two questions he asked every potential juror.

Judge Branning said the goal was to have 12 jurors and 4 alternates. Which after Day 4 of the trial concluded was achieved.

“I'm somebody that's being accused. And I just wanted to ask if you are one of those persons that think ‘I think he's guilty or something'," Desmaret said.

Outside of court, Desmaret's family spoke to Fox 4's Briana Brownlee regarding the case. His brother said he tried to get Desmaret an attorney. However, Desmaret refused because he doesn't trust anyone to defend him other than himself.

It's been nearly five years since the killing of Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller and if found guilty, Desmaret will face either life without parole or the death penalty.

“Oh, that is what we were doing? I didn't know we were talking about the death penalty," Desmaret said.

Jury selected on Day 4 of a murder trial involving a FMPD officer in 2018

Defense Attorney Lee Hollander was assigned as standby counsel last week.

Late in the afternoon, Desmaret claimed he did not receive all of the discovery items. Discovery is what prosecutors did to gather the evidence they're using against Desmaret.

"My life is depending on this," Desmaret said. "I'm just getting all this stuff right here now."

Desmaret repeatedly told Judge Robert Branning he did not get the paperwork, and started making his case at times.

"I didn't receive none of this. My fingerprints are not on this weapon they say I fired," Desmaret said. "I feel like that gun case, I shouldn't be fighting this gun case right here."

Hollander told Branning he talked to Desmaret's previous attorney, who said Desmaret had received the discovery. The judge and prosecutors agreed. However, Hollander admitted he didn't give Desmaret the discovery when he received it because he said Desmaret would not talk to him and Hollander wanted to show Desmaret certain items in it to help his case.

Again, Desmaret had already received everything prior, the judge, Hollander and prosecutors stated.

Months ago, Desmaret pushed to represent himself after words were exchanged between him and his attorney.It's still unclear what was said, but it ended with Desmaret's attorney withdrawing from the case, and Desmaret representing himself with the assistance of Defense Attorney Lee Hollander.

Judge Robert Branning questioned if the trial should have a continuance. However, the decision was for the trial to continue and Desmaret can use the three-day weekend to go over the paperwork.

With Desmaret representing himself, he will be over-asking potential jurors questions during jury selection and cross-examinations.

It has taken years to get to this point in the case.

On July 21, 2018, Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller responded to a robbery investigation on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. According to court documents, Desmaret was the suspect that night. The documents state that Desmaret ran off and Officer Jobbers-Miller went after him. After a struggle, court documents state that Desmaret took the officer's gun and shot him in the head.

Officer Jobbers-Miller later died at the hospital at 29-years-old.

Fort Myers Police Officer Adam Jobber-Miller

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