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Suspect in officer shooting booked into Lee County Jail, held on no bond

Posted at 7:17 AM, Jul 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-30 09:48:48-04

UPDATE (9:45AM) -- Wisner Desmaret had his first appearance before a judge Monday morning.

The judge ordered Desmaret held on no bond on the charges of 1st Degree Premeditated Murder and Robbery with a Firearm.

She added $100,000 bond on Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer; $30,000 bond on each charge of Burglary of an Occupied Conveyance, Grand Theft, and Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer; and $25,000 bond on Obstructing Police.


FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The man charged with shooting and killing Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller is expected to appear in court Monday.

Wisner Desmaret was booked into the Lee County Jail on Sunday night.

He had been in the hospital for over a week due to injuries sustained the same night he was accused of shooting Officer Jobbers-Miller on July 21st.

Desmaret had been in and out of jail 11 times since 2010 in several counties.  His previous charges range from burglary to assault.

In a few cases, he was found mentally incompetent to stand trial.

Desmaret is now facing at least eight criminal charges, including 1st Degree Murder.

Officer Jobbers-Miller passed away a week after the shooting.