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ONLY ON FOX 4: Suspect's family claims a recording reveals who killed Cape teen

Thomas Stein and Christopher Horne Jr. are accused of robbing and killing Kayla Rincon-Miller, 15, on the evening of St Patrick's Day.
Shanice Stewart
Posted at 5:58 PM, Jul 08, 2024

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Family members of Christopher Horne Jr., one of two teens accused of killing Kayla Rincon-Miller in March 2024, made a bold accusation in court on Monday.

FOX 4's Cape Coral Community Correspondent Colton Chavez was the only journalist in court to see how these latest proceedings impacted his community. Watch his report here:

ONLY ON FOX 4: Suspect's family claims a recording reveals who killed Cape

On March 17, Cape Coral Police say Horne Jr. and Thomas Stein robbed and killed Rincon-Miller as she was walking to McDonald's from the movies.

Photo of Kayla Rincon-Miller

In court, Horne Jr.'s mother, Shanice Stewart, said Horne's dad has a recording on his phone of Stein's mother saying her son killed Rincon-Miller. She claims Stein's mother also admitted to getting rid of the gun.

"I done gave them the best information they need for the case," Stewart said in court on Monday. "Sir, I am willing to cooperate with the State."

Christopher Horne Junior
Christopher Horne, Junior, appears in court in June 2024.

State Attorney Sara Miller told the judge they are not aware this recording exists because they have only been able to get into one of three phones they have in custody.

“Judge, I would just ask that any discovery that she has provided to her attorney be provided immediately to me because there is a reciprocal discovery requirement and obviously that will assist me," Miller explained.

Shanice Stewart
Shanice Stewart spoke with FOX 4's Cape Coral Community Correspondent Colton Chavez during a previous interview.

Varaka Stewart, Shanice's sister, and Shanice were in court to originally discuss the removal of their ankle monitors. They're wearing them because they're charged with witness tampering, along with Christopher's dad, Christopher Horne Sr.

According to Cape Coral Police, the family members threatened Stein's mother to keep quiet and not cooperate with police.

Shanice Stewart Christopher Horne Varaka Stewart
Shanice Stewart, Christopher Horne, and Varaka Stewart were family members accused of tampering with witnesses in the investigation into Kayla Rincon-Miller's murder.

Police say Horne Sr., then pulled out a gun while making the threats. Stein's mother told police she and her son were threatened repeatedly and if they didn't remain silent, they would be killed.

Officers say this interaction happened the day before Stein was arrested.

Thomas Stein
Thomas Stein looks back as family members shout messages of support in court in April 2024.

Stewart's lawyer and the State will get together and see if that recording actually exists.

"Give an opportunity for your attorneys to talk to Mr. Horne’s attorneys — see about getting a passcode and looking into the phone and those kinds of things that you are talking about," said Judge Nick Thompson.

The judge did deny the motions to remove the ankle monitors and the sisters are still not allowed to have contact with each other.

They are expected to be back in court Monday, allowing the State time to unlock the phones.