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UPDATE: Father, aunt join mother in jail; all related to Cape murder suspect

The Cape Coral Police Department says all 3 are related to Christopher Horne, the second teen arrested in the murder of 15-year-old Kayla Rincon-Miller back in March.
Shanice Stewart Christopher Horne Varaka Stewart
Posted at 3:52 PM, May 10, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-10 20:22:28-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Late Friday afternoon, the Cape Coral Police Department says the mother, aunt and father of 16-year-old murder suspect Christopher Horne, Jr. are all under arrest.

FOX 4 reported Thursday that Horne's mother, Shanice Stewart had been arrested on obstruction.

She's now charged with more. Police say between May 9 and May 10, 2024, Christopher D. Horne (DOB 07/20/84), Stewart (DOB 02/13/88), and Varaka Stewart (DOB 12/25/85) were arrested for threatening, tampering with, and coercing a witness in the murder investigation of Kayla Rincon-Miller.

The following is a witness account provided to the Cape Coral Police Department:

"On March 18, the day after Kayla’s murder and the day before Thomas Stein was arrested, a small white car arrived at the victims home. Christopher Horne (“Buster”) was recognized as friend of Stein. Buster was with an adult Black female and male.

The two adults were later identified as Shanice Stewart and Christopher Horner - who both live in Cape Coral.During a conversation that followed, the female said she was Horne’s mother and the man his father.

The couple told the victim that Horne and Stein were involved in the murder of Kayla Rincon Miller the night before, then advising the victim to follow them and bring Stein.

The victim and Stein followed the suspects in a car where they ended up in the Gator Circle area.That is where the victim and Stein were threatened to keep quiet and not cooperate with law enforcement.

Horne then brandished a pistol while making the threats. The victim was also treated by another woman later identified as Varaka Stewart - the sister of Shanice Stewart and the aunt of Christopher “Buster” Horne.

The victim says they were threatened repeatedly that if they didn’t comply and remain silent, they would be killed.Thomas Stein was arrested the next day and victim reported that the same women arrived at her house.

The women told the victim to keep quiet and keep Stein quiet.The victim was promised money to keep quiet.Between March 25, 2024 and April 17, 2024, the victim says she received a number of phone calls.

During those calls, the female caller, believed to be Shanice Stewart, implored the victim to keep quiet and not to cooperate with law enforcement and assure that Thomas Stein did the same.

Police say the caller threatened and intimidated the victim - indicating she had people on the inside and the outside that could get to them. During one call, the caller thanked the victim for protecting her 'baby.'"

Christopher D. Horne, Shanice Stewart and Varaka Stewart are now charged with one count each in violation of F.S.S. 914.22 - Tampering with a Witness, a First Degree Felony.

The Cape Coral Police Department says they were assisted by The Florida Caribbean Regional Fugitive Task Force, Fort Myers Office, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, and the State Attorney’s Office.