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The Year of the Banana: The weirdest Florida news of 2019

Maurizio Cattelan's "Comedian" On View At Art Basel Miami 2019
Posted at 2:19 PM, Dec 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-31 14:19:52-05

Tales of Florida Man and Florida Woman commonly make the headlines. But in 2019 we were introduced to Florida Banana. Here's a look back at some of the weirdest stories to come out of the Sunshine State in 2019.


Florida woman Ariana Grande caused a social media stir when people realized her new tattoo accidentally payed tribute to a small barbecue grill.

An attempted theft at the North Fort Myers Walmart was foiled by locked doors when the suspect struggled to pry them open.

A West Palm Beach couple decided to lay in the road to watch an eclipse and were run over by an officer on routine patrol.


A Florida mom was disturbed to find a video with suicide tips in the YouTube Kids app.

A Miami charter boat called "Sea You Twerk" was shut down due to safety violations.

A pair of homeless people in Fort Myers were arrested for having sex on a sidewalk near a children's parade.


A Lee County dad was arrested after a child was found wandering the streets alone. The dad returned hours later from "shopping", with only one bag of Ramen noodles and smelling of alcohol.

Video captured the moments a Palm Beach man intentionally drove a Ferrari off a dock into the water.

Video also captured a Maryland man jumping into the water in the Florida Keys to tackle a pelican.


Three women were arrested after a police pursuit in Pasco County that started after someone reported seeing the women naked at a rest area near I-75.

A skirmish on an Orlando sidewalk turned surreal when the Easter Bunny got involved.

A 71-year-old Florida man was arrested for shooting a urine-filled water gun at a woman walking her dog.


A senior prank in LaBelle involved sending out a memo to students notifying them of "mandatory penis inspections" at school.

A Florida driver was arrested in Lake City for having a crude sexual sticker on his vehicle.

A man was seen on surveillance in a Cape Coral Publix stealing baby formula while wearing a baby bonnet. He was arrested two months later.


A driver in a Nissan Versa nearly pulled off an unlikely 'Dukes of Hazzard'-style jump over a canal in Lehigh Acres.

Witnesses at a Naples McDonald's described seeing a naked man "trying to have relations with a railing."

Karma kicked in when a man accused of killing a popular flamingo in 2016 was hit and killed by a truck in Orlando.


An unknown man was captured on video falling onto the roof of a car at a Fort Myers car dealership.

A north Florida man was arrested after being accused of cutting another man's penis off with scissors. The suspect reportedly caught the victim in bed with his wife.


A Florida man was said to be threatening a neighbor with nunchucks over loud music when he accidentally hit himself in the head with the weapon.

Cape Coral Police had a little fun when they shared photos of the 'arrest' of a T-Rex for chasing children.

A Florida man used a front end loader to dump a load of dirt on his girlfriend's car.


Hurricane Dorian sent bricks of cocaine washing up on the shore in Florida.

A Florida parent was shocked by a school quiz that listed President Trump as an 'idiot.'

An 11-foot python was found swimming more than a mile offshore in Biscayne National Park.


A trapper triumphantly held a 9-foot alligator over his head while removing it from a Florida pool.

A North Fort Myers Halloween display was changed after neighbors complained about a figure hanging from a noose, describing it as racist.

A Port Charlotte Big Lots had to be evacuated when a customer climbed into the ceiling for several hours.


A Florida dog got a free joyride when it bumped a car into reverse, causing it to do doughnuts for nearly an hour.

A Fort Myers woman battled Lee County and her residents association to keep her emotional support chickens. She later moved to Alva to build them a temporary home.


Holiday shopping stress got the best of a Cape Coral man, who punched another customer at a Walmart store for taking too long at the register.

A Tampa family fought back against porch pirates with dirty diapers.

And finally, who could forget the saga of the banana taped to the wall as part of an Art Basel event in Miami? The piece of artwork sold for $120,000.