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Woman fighting to keep her emotional support chickens is building temporary home in Alva by hand.

Emotional support owner building new home in Alva to keep pets
Posted at 11:33 PM, Dec 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-18 23:33:02-05

“I’ll come out here and live with my chickens but I am not giving up my girls or my family members, I’ll go to any length to be with them,” said Karen Morris the Lee County woman fighting to keep her emotional support chickens.

Karen Morris says she is tired of fighting with Lee County and her home owners association so she is taking it upon herself to make life comfortable for her and her 4 chickens in Alva on a friend's farm.

“So I am selling my home and I am going to move out here until the county and and the power is that be straighten it out and figure out how they are going to handle this situation.” said Morris.

Morris also says she is building this temporary home all by herself... adding its hard but she'd rather be at peace for the sake of her mental health conditions.

“Its the foundation for a 10 x 12 military tent which will have an outdoor kitchen and chicken coop with a run so this way the girls are safe and I have a stress free environment that I’m not constantly hassled by Lee County and my homeowners association”, said Morris.

Morris was told by the county to be out of her home by December 4th but has been given an extension. She says that she's grateful but it’s still not enough time.

“They were obviously very concerned that they were putting a 60-year-old women out in the middle of the woods in a military tent and gave me the opportunity to spend Christmas at home for the holidays but the deadline is up January 9th,” said Morris.

Right now all Morris wants... is for the county to come to a compromise with her attorney... so she and her girls can live comfortably yet again.

“I’m waiting for the county to make a decision that I’m able to return home, to a home I own and pay bills on and can live in peace and quiet without repetitive destruction to my home my family and my emotional mental health and that have come to a compromised agreement that these birds live in my home,” said Morris.

Morris adding... she doesn't have any living relatives... and that her chickens are all she has.

“They are more than just an animal I wouldn’t be where I am on a self esteem level if it wasn’t for them I have no living human family members these are my family members and you don’t walk away from your family,” said Morris.