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Jury calls for death penalty for Mark Sievers

Posted at 9:43 AM, Dec 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-11 17:29:20-05

UPDATE (6 PM) -- The Jury has recommended the death penalty for Mark Sievers in the death of his wife, Teresa Sievers.

It was an emotional day as friends and family gave their victim impact statements.

The state and the defense rested their case and made their closing arguments.

The jury deliberated nearly three hours before they made their decision.

Sievers now has a Spencer Hearing scheduled for January 9th, 2020.

UPDATE (3 PM) -- Both the state and defense have rested their case, and closing arguments have been made. Judge Kyle is preparing the jury for deliberations.
UPDATE (12 PM) -- Judge Kyle asked Mark Sievers if he would be taking the stand. Sievers said he would like to "remain silent."

The court is breaking for lunch, will resume at 1:30 pm.
UPDATE (11:55 AM) -- The next defense witness is Jennie Weckelman, she is Mark Sievers's stepmother.

UPDATE (11:30 AM) -- The next defense witness is Connie Reiss, she is Mark Sievers' step-sister.

Reiss says aside from being step-siblings there were also good friends.


UPDATE (11:20 AM) -- Next on the stand is Scott Sievers. He is Mark's younger brother.

He says Mark Sievers would "brag" about his daughters in every conversation they had. He says Mark was a very proud, loving father.

UPDATE (11:00 AM) -- Following the brief recess, the defense called Bonnie Sievers to the stand, Mark's mother.

Bonnie says Mark was a very hands-on stay at home dad. Adding, that Mark was very involved in the girls' school activities. "He, along with Teresa, always thought them about virtues on what is right and what is wrong," said Bonnie.

Bonnie says the Sievers' daughters would stay with her on weekends when Mark Sievers got arrested. She says the girls would write to Mark and Mark would write to the girls. Bonnies says the girls would get excited to receive letters from Mark.

Since Mark Sievers's arrest on Feb. 26, 2016, Bonnie says she has visited him every week, sometimes twice a week. Bonnie says she loves her son very much. "He's my baby, he's my son, I will always be there for him," said Bonnie.

UPDATE (10:30 AM) -- The state has rested its case, after a recess, the defense will begin with their witnesses, who we now know are Mark Sievers's family.

UPDATE (9:45 AM) -- The first state witness is Dr. Teresa Sievers's mother, Mary Ann Groves. The state had requested the court allow two of Groves's children to stand with her at the stand for support, but Judge Kyle denied the request.

Full testimony: Mother of Teresa Sievers speaks about losing her daughter

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The penalty phase in the trial against Mark Sievers is now under way. This phase will decide his fate.

Last week, a jury found Mark Sievers guilty of orchestrating the murder of his wife, Dr. Teresa Sievers, back in 2015.

Prosecutors started their opening statements saying they will be presenting two aggravating factors. Assistant State Attorney Cynthia Ross says this murder was done in a cold calculated matter, with a financial motive.


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