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CAPE CORAL | Man removed from public meeting during heated debate over new Jaycee Park design

Man escorted out of meeting
Posted at 4:29 PM, Oct 11, 2023

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Cape Coral Police removed a man from a city Committee of the Whole meeting because of a heated argument over the new design of Jaycee Park.

The man removed refused to sit down during the discussion of the design. When he refused, after being asked by the Cape Coral mayor, the mayor asked police to take him out of the room.


Since May, people have been pushing back against the plan. Many say they do not like the city's chances to their beloved park.

"The City Council just won't listen," said Kathe Lopez, who attended Wednesday's meeting.

"I feel there is a lot of frustration because we’ve come, we’ve spoken," said Sandra Tulchinsky, who also attended the meeting. "Nobody’s interested in what we have to say. 

One of the most contested aspects of the design is the removal of the Australian pines — an invasive tree.

The new design calls for 120 more trees than the first plan.

"They have addressed only that aspect," Tulchinsky said. "It's not just the shade, but the improvement themselves."

She says other concerns come back to noise, alcohol and covered walkways.

The design will add a bar area, band shell and other amenities.

"This park does not have the size or location for the amenities that are being proposed," Tulchinsky claims.

On October 18, City Staff is expected to begin the design of the updated concept, before scheduling anther open house to show the design.

"If the city really wants to know what the citizens thin, put it to a vote," Tulchinsky explained.

Even if a final design is approved by City Staff, City Council has the final say as to whether or not they want to approve it.