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Updates: Final day of jury selected for Mark Sievers trial

Posted at 8:29 AM, Nov 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-20 07:28:01-05


12 jurors have been selected for the Mark Sievers Trial.

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- We're hoping to see the next phase of jury selection start Tuesday in the murder-for-hire trial of Mark Sievers.

He's accused of hiring two men, Curtis Wright and Jimmy Rodgers, to kill his wife and the mother of his children, doctor Teresa Sievers.

But jury selection is proving to be a long process, because this is a death penalty case.

The questions Monday focused on each potential jurors' opinions on the death penalty. Several said their religious beliefs prohibit them from judging others.

One potential juror said the idea of recommending someone's death made her feel disturbed and sick to her stomach. "Some Christians have told me that they believe God's law is above man's law. We practice man's law in this courtroom, we go to church for God's law. Some folks say they don't believe man's law should be above God's law. How do you feel about that?" asked Hamid Hunter of the State Attorney’s Office.

Those potential jurors with strong religious beliefs were excused from jury duty.

Judge Kyle says the court is a day behind, but hopes to be able to be back on track by Tuesday and have a jury by Wednesday.


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