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Updates: Jury selection in the Sievers murder trial resumed Wednesday

Posted at 6:48 AM, Nov 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-13 18:39:41-05

UPDATE (6:30 PM) -- Jury selection has concluded for the day.

The approximately 11 jurors from Wednesday morning's pool that passed to the second phase of questioning will be returning on Thursday at 1:30 p.m.

They will join the approximately 17 from Tuesday's pool of potential jurors that also passed to the second phase of questioning.

On Wednesday afternoon, another pool of 48 potential jurors was brought in for the first phase of questioning. The ones who passed on to the second phase from this group will return on Friday.

We expect another pool on Thursday morning that will go through the initial phase of questioning.

So far, almost 150 potential jurors have gone through that first phase of questioning.

UPDATE (2 PM) -- Court is back in session after being released for lunch. Mark Sievers is back in the courtroom, and individual questioning has resumed.

Recap: from today's pool of 50 potential jurors, so far 37 have been excused from jury duty.

Mark Sievers gets sick in court

UPDATE (12:45 PM) -- Individual questioning of potential jurors was paused after defense alerted the Judge that Mark Sievers was not feeling well.

Sievers then stood up, grabbed a trash can, and got physically sick. A medic is coming up to check on Sievers.

UPDATE (10 AM) -- Jury selection continues today for the Mark Sievers trial with a pool of 50 potential jurors. Yesterday another pool of 50 went through initial questioning. From that pool, about 17 potential jurors will be returning on Thursday.

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Prosecutors and Mark Sievers' lawyers will go back to work Wednesday to try and find a jury for the Sievers murder trial.

Prosecutors say Mark Sievers hired two other men to kill his wife, Dr. Teresa Sievers, because he wanted the life insurance money.

On the first day of jury selection Tuesday, less than half of potential jurors made it to the next round of questioning.

50 potential jurors went through the first round of questioning. They were asked if a financial or health hardship would make it difficult to sit on a jury for a trial expected to take weeks. Nearly half were excused for that reason. Then they were asked if they were familiar with the case. 17 people in total were asked to return on Thursday.

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