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High winds damage dozens of homes in Harbor Cove community

Posted at 1:22 AM, Dec 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-22 11:47:35-05

SARASOTA COUNTY — People in Sarasota County are still cleaning up the damage from Tuesday morning’s storms.

The Harbor Cove mobile home community saw dozens of homes damaged by the high winds. Some even had the roof torn clean off.

"That’s part of the roof, and it sits on the neighbor’s house next door," said Michelle Wagner, who showed us some of the damage to one of her neighbor's houses.

Wagner said the winds tore off the screen on her neighbor’s porch, leaving an armchair left sitting outside. That screen ended up in the backyard, along with part of the roof.

"The roof and the car port peeled back just like a tin can. It was really scary," said Wagner.

The same thing happened at another house down the road, where the roof is now secured by tarps and cinder blocks.

"The whole roof came completely up and over, and debris was flying everywhere. They hid behind their house until the debris would stop. It was just unbelievable," said Cindy Fischer.

What was surprising about the storm is how random the damage was. We found one house that had its car port collapse, but some of the houses next to it are completely untouched. We talked with one neighbor who heard that car port come down.

"It was like something just fell on top and, just a bunch of tin. Just, I mean it was horrible," said Dolly Schaft.

Shortly after that, Schaft said the winds hit her house as well.

"I have vinyl windows on the lanai and eight of them blew in," said Schaft.

All of the neighbors we spoke with said this was the worst damage they’ve ever seen since moving to Harbor Cove.

"It was nothing like this during Irma. You know a few car ports were touched, but nothing like this," said Fischer.

“A lot of people said that for 21 years that they’ve lived here, they haven’t seen anything like this," said Wagner.

The good news is, at this time we have not received any reports of injuries coming out of Sarasota County.