Top Florida weird news stories of 2017

Posted at 5:00 AM, Dec 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-27 07:53:54-05

Florida was able to retain its reputation as the go-to source for weird news in 2017.  From alligator hijinks to coke-snorting moms to interstate twerkers, here's a look at some of the weirdest Florida stories of the year.


A Tallahassee man came home to find his wife in bed with a local pastor, who was forced to flee the home while naked and later had to ask forgiveness from his congregation.

The driver of a Fort Myers armored truck refused to pull over, even while money was falling from the truck.

A Pensacola man was finally turned in by family members after they say he had sex with a dog more than 100 times.


The 'Cash Me Ousside' girl got her wish outside a Lake Worth bar.


A Miami attorney's arson case went up in flames when his own pants caught fire during closing arguments.

A Charlotte County alligator displayed its appetite for golf balls on video.


In other alligator news, some FGCU students brought a dead alligator into their dorm room for a photo shoot.

A Sarasota tennis tournament was briefly interrupted by sound of loud sex coming from a nearby building.

A Tampa teacher was arrested for drunkenly letting a 14-year-old boy drive her to Waffle House.


In what may be the mugshot of the year, a man with 'Joker' tattoos on his face was arrested for waving a gun in Miami traffic.

A Fort Myers man was charged with abusing the 911 system after repeatedly calling police and demanding he be taken to a mental facility to see his wife, Taylor Swift.

A naked woman in Big Pine Key got into a fight with police when they tried to arrest her for squatting in a home.


A Highlands County woman was arrested after allowing a snake to bite her toddler, and then of course posting the video to social media.

The huge retirement community of The Villages was the scene of a huge bust involving heroin, meth, and golf cart parts.

A Port St. Lucie man was arrested for intentionally deflating a neighbor's bounce house while children were inside.


A Keys man was arrested after deputies discovered 11 grams of cocaine hidden in a Cookie Monster doll.

A Hialeah man was caught on video as he opened fire on two utility trucks he says were blocking his driveway.

Police were unable to find a naked man accused of pressing his genitals against a screened lanai of a Cape Coral home while a woman was inside.


A St. Petersburg man was arrested after he says his gun accidentally fired while he took a selfie in a strip club.

A 73-year-old Daytona Beach man thought it was a good idea to hand out business cards to teens in hopes they needed a 'sugar daddy'

A Fort Myers woman was seen snorting cocaine off her iPhone screen while waiting in a middle school pickup line.


Two Jacksonville men were charged with stealing an entire power pole while hurricane victims were without power.

A serial bra thief was arrested in Naples after several stores were stolen from.


A driver in Lehigh Acres felt confident his Corolla could jump 20 feet across a canal.  It didn't make it.

A Broward County dog was found abandoned, stabbed, beaten, and left in a suitcase.

A Lee County bus driver was removed from a route after they were recorded driving the wrong way down a highway.


A driver on Alligator Alley called 911 while police were chasing him, and asked to speak to Donald Trump, claiming "we made a deal."

A Naples driver was arrested after hitting and killing a 13-year-old, but told police he didn't stop because he thought he had a nail in his tire.

A traffic jam in West Palm Beach caused by President Trump turned into an impromptu twerking session on the interstate by several female drivers.


Two North Fort Myers residents were severely burned in an explosion caused by pouring gasoline on a bonfire.

A sign language interpreter was arrested after it was discovered she was signing gibberish during a press conference about a serial killer.