Gator eats player's golf ball on Southwest Florida golf course (Video)

Posted at 10:45 AM, Mar 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-27 09:09:19-04

Anyone who plays golf in Florida knows that alligators on the course are, well, par for the course. 

Normally, they keep their distance from humans, and golfers steer clear of the toothy reptiles.

Daniel McNamara and his partner were playing the third hole at Long Marsh golf course yesterday at Rotunda West in Florida, on the west coast near Port Charlotte.

When his playing partner's ball landed near a gator on a pond bank, instead of turning tail and swimming off, the hungry animal snatched up the ball and ate it.

We're not sure if it was a Titleist or a Taylor Made, but we think he deserves a Mulligan after that move.