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Man calls 911 during police chase, asks for Donald Trump

Posted at 10:56 PM, Nov 14, 2017

A man called police while Collier County Sheriff's deputies were chasing him on Tamiami Trial Tuesday morning.

The sheriff's office report says it all started because the suspect acted suspiciously. The sheriff's deputy went up to the car and smelled a smell similar to marijuana.

The deputy spotted a baggie that contained a green leafy substance. The suspect then grabbed the bag, put it in his mouth, and sped away.

"I need help, please," said Aric Frydberg, the man who was arrested after the seven mile pursuit on U.S. 41. "There's a police officer chasing me," he added.

4 In Your Corner obtained the 911 call. The operator tried numerous times to get Frydberg to pull over.

But during the phone call, Frydberg tried to get the operator to make some calls on his behalf. The first set of calls was to his parents.

"Call my mom, call my mom," said Frydberg. "Please call my mom," he added while on the phone.

Then he took it a step further and wanted to speak to the president.  "Donald Trump is a close friend of mine," said Frydberg. "We made a deal," he added while he was trying to convince the operator.

Frydberg then changed gears and tried a different strategy.  "My mom called me and said she was in a car accident in Homestead," he said. "My flesh and blood was in a car accident and I have to stop and help you," Frydberg added.

Deputies eventually got him off the road and phone.

The report goes on to say the deputies searched the car and found glass pipes with burnt leafy residue on them. They later field tested the particles and it tested positive for marijuana.

Frydberg is being charged with tampering with evidence, resisting an officer, and two counts of battery of an officer.