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Man honored for saving life in Cape Coral

Jay Halbrehder not only saved the man's arm but also his life
Posted at 9:09 PM, Jul 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-10 07:31:55-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — The Cape Coral Police Department honored a man who saved a stranger he found bleeding out on his parent's driveway.

Yes, you read that correctly, police say the man could have lost not only his arm but his life if Jay Halbrehder and his family didn't step in to help.

Police say on 4th of July; a man came running down SE 13th street saying he needed help, Jay Halbrehder, who was with his family and his girlfriend at the time saw the man bleeding from his right arm.

I asked are you cut are you hurt, he said I need help, a section of his arm was gone
Jay Halbrehder

Then he watched the man collapse on the driveway. Jay and his father, Mic, quickly grabbed some towels to stop the bleeding but realized it was not helping.

Then took off his belt and made a makeshift tourniquet to reduce the bleeding until help arrived.

"He's just on the ground, blood running underneath him and pouring down the driveway he's losing a lot of blood," said Mic Halbrehder.

"The whole time that this was going on, I was hoping he wouldn't go out in front of us," said Jay.

Jay started wrapping the wound tightly around the man's arm, and he stopped it from bleeding. "When I actually saw the wound, it looked like a shark bit a piece of his arm out, arteries to the bone."

Police say jay and his family not only saved his arm but his life. Police also told Fox 4, the man who cut himself, did so by trying to break into a home he used to live in.

But this was a story about about a family who sprung into action to save a man's life. So earlier this week, the Cape Coral Police Department honored Jay with the 'Citizen's Commendable Action Coin.'

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"When I got a call from the officer that we kind of saved his life, I almost started crying," said Jay Halbrehder.