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WATCH: Storms flooded roads, left drivers stuck, spun up a waterspout in SWFL

WATCH: Heavy rainfall leaves people stranded all over Southwest Florida
Posted at 7:54 PM, Jun 30, 2024

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — Cape Coral Community Correspondent Bella Line was on her way to a story in Northwest Cape Coral but the weather had other plans...

Southwest Floridians are used to heavy rainfalls in the summer, but Sunday's afternoon thunderstorms left some people stranded.

storm clouds over cape coral
Dark storm clouds push in over Cape Coral Sunday.

Fox 4 Meteorologist Andrew Shipley says the reason we are seeing so much standing water on the roads is because of how wet this rainy season has already been.

People doing their normal Sunday errands saw it first-hand...

In Northwest Cape Coral, many stopped to tell Line that they are used to the flooded roadways but they weren't expecting it to flood so fast.

Juan Rosario, Cape Coral Resident
Juan Rosario told FOX 4 how flooding was preventing him and his family from returning home from Sunday errands in NW Cape Coral.

“We were going from Walmart to our house, and we have groceries in the back so we’re trying to get through but I had my wife try to walk the way to the house so that way the car doesn’t get messed up," said Juan Rosario, a Northwest Cape Coral resident.

Juan says his wife walked to their house and said the deepest the water got was about 3 feet.

Juan Rosario wife Cape Coral flooding
Mrs. Rosario makes her way through flooding Sunday afternoon back to her family's vehicle. They couldn't get home from errands due to the heavy rains. Surprisingly, the family said this is a normal occurence for them.

Surprisingly, they say this is normal flooding for them.

Others pulled over to tell us they also could not get to their homes and their streets that normally don't flood as easily took on standing water.

It was the same story in Ft Myers, as once again, part of Palm Beach Boulevard was underwater.

WATCH: Sunday thunderstorms swamp Palm Beach Boulevard in Ft Myers

Plus, WATCH this video shared with FOX 4 from @bonitadad on X (Twitter) of a waterspout over Estero Bay Sunday afternoon.

WATCH: Waterspout forms off of Bay Island in Bonita Springs Sunday

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