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"I GOT 'MOONED' IN OHIO": Naples couple travels to Ohio to see solar eclipse

The path of totality will go over a portion of the U.S.
Posted at 3:51 PM, Apr 05, 2024

NAPLES, Fla. — The total solar eclipse is when you get the chance to see the moon completely cover the sun. The path of totality can only be seen in parts of the United States, so a Naples couple says they are not going to miss that opportunity.

"We are going to Ohio to see the solar eclipse," said Michelle Minzey.

Philippines Solar Eclipse
The moon casts a shadow at the sun blocking it partially in a partial solar eclipse as it sets on Monday Jan. 26, 2009 at Manila's bay, Philippines. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

For her and her husband Bob, this is one of their many adventures over the past 20 years, and there's nothing better than creating memories of those adventures with a special person by your side.

"The fun of being with somebody that is your best friend and you love them and we just have a good time," Michelle said.

The Minzeys got their first glimpse of an eclipse in 2017 in Poinciana, Florida.

"It was just fun sitting there, looking up and experiencing what a solar eclipse is," Michelle said.

Hooked ever since, they went to San Antonio, Texas to see what's known as the "Ring of Fire."

"We’ve been planning this trip ever since we got back home from Texas," Bob said.

"The fun of being with somebody that is your best friend and you love them and we just have a good time."

Michelle Minzey, Eclipse Tourist

With some planning and saving, the Minzeys are heading to Ohio.

"We're excited, we can't wait to go," Michelle said. "We have family up there and friends."

They're going to Ohio specifically because the solar eclipse can be fully seen there — it's in the path of totality.

NASA says the longest duration of totality will be for four minutes and 28 seconds.

Solar eclipse path

Before hitting the road, the Minzeys had to pack, of course. However, Michelle's list is a little different.

"I've made shirts and on the back of the shirts it says our eclipse to-do list," she joyfully said. "This is the third check mark that we will be getting for our eclipse."

solar eclipse shirts

They also have the essentials: solar eclipse glasses and a phone filter so they can take pictures.

However, Michelle didn't stop there.

"I made an eclipse survival kit," she said. "Everybody knows me — I have to go extreme or epic with everything that I do."

Her kit says, "I got mooned in Ohio April 8, 2024."

Eclipse survival kit

It includes Eclipse gum, Orbit gum, Starburst, Sunkist, Milky Way bar and a Cosmic brownie.

The Minzeys are already sharing their journey with Fox 4 senior reporter Kaitlin Knapp, sending photos of the drive up to Ohio.

They don't want to say what small town they're going to quite yet, but here's a hint — they're making sure to stop at Toft's Ice Cream.

As they start their adventure, the couple says they will share their experience with you after the eclipse.

"We always say it's never a dull moment when we're around," Michelle said.