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TEAM COVERAGE: Flight attendant training: 'We're responsible for souls aboard'

Flight attendant talked about training for air emergencies, saying “Because training is so extensive, you feel confident that when you take off…you’re going to save those people."
Posted at 5:55 PM, Feb 12, 2024

NAPLES, Fla. — Darcel Murray's a former commercial flight attendant.

We spoke to her about training for people who work in this field.

Murray says the foundation of training is "help the flight attendants to think".

“We feel responsible for those souls aboard the aircraft.”

She says much of the confidence she felt in the air came from training she received on the ground.

“How to stay calm, how to stay poised…how to stay in control of 200 passengers. We had to watch every crash that occurred prior to accepting the contract.”

Most of the people who trained her, Murray says, included former flight attendants with extensive experience.

“Because training is so extensive in that area, you feel confident that when you take off and you’re in the air…you’re going to save those people," she tells FOX 4.

We asked Murray what she think her response would have been done following Friday's I-75 plane crash - ultimately knowing that one can only imagine what their response would be.

“I would be in prayer the whole time. Literally.”

Based on the information available and the cell phone video we shared with Murrary, she credits the flight attendant for following what she learned in training.

“They train you to run away from the aircraft because that fuel. You will ignite and re-ignite”.

As the days go on, we'll learn more about the investigation and those impacted by it - something no amount of training can change.

“My heart goes out to those families, the staff that has to report on this, and the people who lived through it."