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Speed confirmed a factor in fiery Cape Coral crash; 2 dead

Two people have died following a deadly, fiery crash on Del Prado Boulevard in Cape Coral
Posted at 2:47 PM, Mar 25, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-25 15:21:29-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — The Cape Coral Police Department has released a report following a fiery and deadly crash that occurred on Del Prado Boulevard on Sunday night.

  • Two people died
  • One was transported to Gulf Coast Hospital in Fort Myers with non-life threatening injuries
  • The crash is not drug/alcohol related
  • Speed is a factor
Video of a deadly, fiery crash in Cape Coral on Sunday night

You can read the report below:

From the Cape Coral Police Department:

Vehicle 1 was traveling north on Del Prado Boulevard S in the inside left (westbound) turn lane at SE 40th Street making the westbound turn across the three southbound lanes of Del Prado Boulevard S.

Vehicle 2 was traveling south in the inside straight lane approaching SE 40th Street directly behind Vehicle 3.

Vehicle 3 was traveling south in the inside straight lane on Del Prado Boulevard S directly in front of Vehicle 2.

As Vehicle 1 was passing west across the three southbound straight lanes on Del Prado Boulevard S. Driver Vehicle 3 slowed before reaching SE 40th Street to avoid Vehicle 1 as it passed west across the path of Vehicle 3. While Driver of Vehicle 3 slowed, Driver Vehicle 2 decided to suddenly change lanes from the inside straight travel lane (directly behind Vehicle 3) to in the middle southbound travel lane.

Fiery, deadly crash in Cape Coral Sunday night

As result of Vehicle 2 changing into the middle southbound lane, Vehicle 2 struck the right passenger side of Vehicle 1 with the front of Vehicle 2. This impact caused the rear of Vehicle 1 to flip onto it’s roof while Vehicle 2 continued south pushing Vehicle 1 south toward the southbound shoulder as Vehicle 1 began rotating clockwise.

Vehicle 1 slid on its roof backward along the southbound sidewalk until coming to a stop when the passenger side rear tire struck the cement light pole along the raised cement sidewalk approximately 190 feet south of SE 40th Street. As a result of impact Vehicle 1 caught fire and became fully engulfed.

After impact with Vehicle 1, Vehicle 2 rotated clockwise striking the right front and side of Vehicle 3 with the right rear of Vehicle 2 as Vehicle 3 passed in the inside straight lane then crossed over the raised cement median traveling south in the northbound lane. Vehicle 2 continued to rotate clockwise and slide with the rear of Vehicle 2 climbing up onto, and coming to a rest, on the cement median that separates southbound and northbound lanes of Del Prado Boulevard S. directly east of the final rest of Vehicle 1.

After crossing over the center median, Vehicle 3 continued south where the Driver of Vehicle 3 managed to maneuver into the parking lot at 4037 Del Prado Boulevard S, where the Driver and Passenger of Vehicle 3 waited for first responders.

Driver and Passenger of Vehicle 1 were declared deceased by Cape Coral Fire Rescue on scene as a result of this crash.

Driver Vehicle 2 was transported to Gulf Coast Medical Center from the scene and determined to have suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Both the Driver and Passenger of Vehicle 3 were evaluated by EMS/Fire Rescue on scene and were not transported to the hospital.

If you witnessed this traffic crash or have information about this traffic crash, please contact the Cape Coral Police Department by calling 239-574-3223 or submitting a tip to . Anonymous tips can be submitted by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS.