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MONEY, MONEY, MONEY: Sharp words, more criticism for Cape Coral city council, mayor

Passing stipend for city leaders brings the latest wave of vocal second-guessing
Posted at 9:33 PM, Jan 24, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-24 21:33:17-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — At Wednesday's Cape Coral City Council meeting, it remained clear—residents are still frustrated about the stipend.

It wasn't even on the agenda, but over and over, people stepped up to the mic to discuss the stipend that doubled the city council members and the mayor's salary.

Read more on the stipend here.

"Hopefully it get's through to them and realize what they are doing isn't what the people want, and they have a change of heart," resident Keith Baskin said.

One month after council approved the stipend, people who live in Cape Coral, like Baskin, still want transparency—why and how did this happen?

He added, "Go around it the way you should be doing it. You know…just be honest, just be honest. That's all we ask for."

Fox 4 spoke with former council member Richard Leon a few weeks ago on the signatures he collected to reverse the stipend.

Now, he said after this Wednesday's public comment, the council missed the opportunity again to fix the issue.

Leon said, "They can amend it. They can rescind it, or they can just get rid of it, and unfortunately they just refused to do that...They need to take a stand they need to have integrity and show the people they're with us. This is wrong and let's stop it."

During the meeting, one person mentioned the idea to recall some of the city council members wanting a clean slate.

"The reality is we need to see the stipend end and see a new council get in there and clean up after this council," Leon said.

This meeting wasn't as heated or vocal as a recent council meeting, where the police chief kept the peace at the start.

The next Cape Coral City Council meeting is February 7th.