Get coaching, then get the job

Back to Work Boot Camp Day 4
Get coaching, then get the job
Posted at 2:50 PM, Apr 28, 2020
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FORT MYERS, Fla — It's time to get your career back in gear. And there's help out there.

Fox 4 is teaming up with Better Together to make sure you know about, and are ready for a virtual job fair on April 30. For a week leading up to the job fair, we will have stories about resources and tips you can use to put yourself in the best possible shape for getting a job. We call it "Back to Work Boot Camp."

We already told you how to sign up for the event, and what to expect. We told you there are about 20 businesses with hundreds of jobs available. Now let's talk about how you should prepare yourself and your resume for a virtual job fair.

Ashley Simonelli, the owner of Simonelli Real Estate Group, is one of several volunteers who will take part in a series of workshops the day before the virtual job fair. You can sign up here, to get job coaching and resume help.

“Your resume is meant to be an advertisement of yourself," Simonelli says. "Of your passion, of what it is that you’re interested in.”

She says to keep it short. One page, plus a cover letter. If you've used work from home technology, add that, because some of the companies are looking for remote workers. And Simonelli says don't worry if you don't have experience in an industry, focus on your skills and what you will bring to the job.

Remember, for this job fair, you will get to speak to hiring managers, and that's your chance to make a good impression. But how do you do that in a video conference?

Simonelli says to make sure your internet connection is strong. She says dress like you normally would in an interview and make sure your background is professional. She says eye contact is still important in a virtual interview, so is connecting with the hiring manager. And she has a good tip on how to do that.

“Research those companies, no something about those companies," she says. "And know what you can bring to the table that would be a contribution to them. Hit on that, talk about that and I think that’s going to help in generating a connection in general.”

“Everyone’s nervous, it’s an interview, it’s not always a comfortable situation. But as long as you show your personality and you’re there and you genuinely care about being there, I think that’s going to show through.”

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