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Charlotte Co. sanctuary cares for lion who loves Butterball Turkeys & others

Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary has been rescuing exotic animals for 45 years.
Posted at 3:59 PM, Mar 04, 2024

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. — Need something to do in Charlotte County?

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Since the 1970's, this facility has been rescuing exotic animals from around the country to live out the rest of their lives in a more appropriate habitat.

The non-profit is run with the help of passionate volunteers who help care for the animals, like Rocco Pirozzi.

"You know you are doing it for the animals, everything is for the animals," said Pirozzi. "Its so cool, they know you are here to help them. Occasionally you get peed on because they want to make you their own, but we don't mind."

Lions, tigers, bears, parrots, primates and more call Octagon home. Many of the animals come from less than ideal circumstances. Octagon workers say some of the animals were mistreated by previous owners or caretakers. And since all came from captivity, none of the animals can be released back into the wild.

Cady the Capuchin monkey looks through her enclosure.

An African lion at Octagon, Kondo, was deemed to be too aggressive and was ousted from other animal facilities. Kondo was on the brink of being euthanzied before Octagon stepped in and rescued him.

Kondo the lion enjoys a butterball turkey for breakfast.
Kondo the lion enjoys a butterball turkey for breakfast.

“At the last minute before he was euthanized they called our owner Lauri (Lauri Caron) and she said yes absolutely we will take him and he is just a magnificent animal and actually not aggressive at all," said Jackie Krohn, a volunteer at Octagon.

Kondo now spends his days in a large enclosure and noshing on tasty treats like Butterball Turkeys, always picking out that brand over other turkeys delivered to him.

Although many of the animals share an unfortunate past, now they share a better present and future at Octagon.

Visitors can see the animals at Octagon by appointment only. To book guided tours of the facility click here.