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STUCK OUTSIDE SCHOOL | Major project jams up pick-up time

Work on Littleton Road in Cape Coral brings long lines for parents and anyone else driving by
TIRED OF WAITING? School makes changes to help backup on Littleton Road
Posted at 8:35 PM, Jan 18, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-18 20:35:58-05

Parents told Fox 4, they're tired of dangerous traffic conditions on Littleton Road.
Now, there's a new pickup process for parents at Dr. Carrie D. Robinson Elementary.

"There's going to be a terrible accident, a head on collision, a T-bone," that's the worry of many parents at Littleton Elementary when picking up their children.

Danny Ballard lives on Littleton Road and says the daily backup, blocking his driveway for more than an hour, looks like this:

"We've already had a school bus wreck here about 5 weeks ago at Hutto and Littleton," Ballard said.

One parent who wishes not to be identified waits in line each day to pick up her kids. She says she's thankful changes are finally being made.

"This morning on the way to school I was turning on to Littleton coming from the roundabout. I had a gentleman try to bypass me instead of waiting in the merge lane. I've already been hit once prior to in this intersection and almost got into my second accident this [Thursday] morning," She said.

In the first semester, there was only one lane of traffic coming from Littleton Road into the school, through the parent pickup lane, and out. Now, with changes to the plan, the school is dividing parent drivers into two lanes. Twice as many cars can fit on school grounds at once by allowing the two lanes. Some parents we spoke with believe it sped up the process but also communicated it didn't fix the issue of safety before making it into the school parking lot.

In a statement to FOX 4, Lee County Sheriff's Office is asking drivers for more patience.

"We are actively working with the school and the school district safety and security team to find the best options available within our abilities. We are dedicated to keeping an LCSO presence in the area and assist with helping traffic efficiently, and safely, through the area as our population grows."

The school principal says, it will be difficult to tell if this new parent pick-up plan is working just yet as the county owned land around the school is under construction.

The construction project will widen the roads and add a lane to accommodate people turning left or right. The plan also includes a short lane for parent pick-up and drop off.