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Who was Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller?

Posted at 6:05 PM, Aug 05, 2018

FORT MYERS, Fla. --- During their annual review, officers with the Fort Myers Police Department are required to answer a series of questions called the Employee Development Form. 

The first questions asked, "What do you consider the most important responsibilities of your present job?" Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller answered, "Protecting the citizens of Fort Myers is always the most important aspect of the job." It's clear now, those weren't just words on a page. 


Jobbers-Miller died one week later from his gunshot wound on July 28. 

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Adam was shot two weeks ago protecting the citizens of Fort Myers, and he died a week later. 

Who was Officer Jobbers-Miller? We don't know a lot about him to be honest. Most of what we do know comes from his officer personnel file. 

He grew up in North Jersey. After graduating high school, he had a couple of odd jobs. Camp counselor, assembly line worker, a barista at Starbucks, and landscaping. Sometimes he would pick up shifts at Sports Authority around the holidays. 

But Adam's employers all say the same thing. His dream was to become a cop. 

Adam worked as an EMT for two years and was a volunteer firefighter with his hometown fire department. His dad, Davie, is a 30 year, former chief, lifetime member. 

It's clear that public service is a priority in the Jobbers-Miller family. 

In 2014 Adam moved to Florida to take care if his mom. She had cancer and needed help recovering from surgery. It was then when he began to pursue his dream of becoming a police officer. 

In July of 2015, Adam was offered conditional employment with the Fort Myers Police Department.

In his interview, Adam was asked what he wanted to accomplish as a police officer. His answer was to get drug dealers off the street. His brother passed away from a drug overdose. 

But it wasn't always smooth sailing. Police brass wasn't sure he would make it through training and he was placed in "Phase 2 Remedial Training." 

The report reads: "Officer Jobbers-Miller seems motivated and eager to protect and serve his community, but is not ready for such responsibility."

That would soon change. 

"Initially we thought Adam was not going to make it through the training program, but he made a great change and since he was released from the FTO program he has become a very good law enforcement officer."

Since becoming a full-time officer Adam has been noted for his service multiple times included being selected for the officer of the month after arresting two people when he and another officer found drugs, money, and guns in their car. 

Throughout his personnel file, there are notes admiring his punctuality. 

"Officer Miller is always punctual and dependable in reporting for work. He usually reports to briefing 15 minutes earlier than the assigned time. He uses that time to get his patrol vehicle prepared and his computer signed on prior to briefing." 

However, he wasn't perfect. Just a month ago, Adam lost his department-issued iPod. After following every lead the iPod couldn't be recovered and he was issued a new one. 

Regardless of a missing iPod what's clear is Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller was a team player who wanted to serve his community. 

"Adam is very dedicated and always volunteers for calls for service even when his duty day is complete."

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At this point, we have to mention the fact Adam gun was stolen from him and used to kill him. He was punched by a former boxer and fell while out on a call to a gas station in Fort Myers. 

What's clear about Adam is public service runs in his family. He cared about his family and tried to help coworkers. He wasn't perfect. but he wanted to serve and protect his community, and he died doing that.

It's also clear Adam will be sorely missed by those who knew him best.

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