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Tips from FPL for protecting your home before, during and after a storm

The company says know that you can lose power easier than you might think
Posted at 4:06 PM, Sep 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-26 16:17:47-04

SOUTHWEST, Fla. — More than 12 million customers depend on Florida Power and Light to power their homes.

FPL says it’s bringing in crews from out-of-state to help restore power - once it is safe for workers to get out and get to your community.

The company says know that you can lose power easier than you might think.

Spokesperson Peter Robbins says, "It takes one tree coming down in your neighborhood to rip down power lines, one lightning strike, and you can be without power for an extended period of time."

FPL provided the following tips as your prepare for the storm, plus some helpful information to consider while using a generator and working to restore power to your home.

  • Know your plan especially if someone in your home requires electricity for medical treatment. Are you staying home? Do you need to head to another location? Where’s your home’s safe room?
  • If you have a pool, turn the pump off.

If you’re using a generator:

  • Connect your appliances directly to it. Don’t wire it to your breaker. The power can flow back into power lines.
  • Turn off all connected appliances before you start the generator
  • Turn appliances on one at a time

After the storm:

  • Be careful if your home has water damage from leaks or flooding. That water might’ve come in contact with electrical wiring.
  • If there is damage, take pictures and video of your home.
  • Report outages to your electricity provider

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