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Protestors gather outside of courthouse against Florida's six-week abortion ban

Women's March Downtown Fort Myers
Women deserve the same rights as men
We are not ovary acting
Florida is not a theocracy
Abortion access means: Women control their future!
Forced birth is not pro-life
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Abortion is health care
Posted at 9:46 PM, Apr 10, 2023
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LEE COUNTY, Fla. — Being pregnant for more than six weeks could soon mean you can't have an abortion in the state of Florida — and those against this spent the day making their voices heard, taking concerns to a local bill sponsor.

Fox 4's Shari Armstrong spent the day outside of the Old Lee County Courthouse as protestors say they want Representative Jenna Parsons Mullicka to hear them out.

Fox 4's Shari Armstrong speaks with the Pregnancy Resource Center of SWFL about the abortion bill

A week ago, the Florida senate approved a bill that wouldn't allow a woman to have an abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy. Right now you can have an abortion at 15 weeks in Florida.

Fort Myers Representative Jenna Parsons Mullicka sponsored a version of the bill, whose district office is located near the courthouse, which is why organizers said they were protesting in this area.

It's a normal day in Downtown Fort Myers but on the steps of the old courthouse, there are people with signs, chatting with each other, sharing their own stories of those of people they love.

Six Week Abortion Protestors
Protestors gathered today outside of the Old Lee County Courthouse for a Women's March against Florida's six-week abortion ban

They also said they want Mullicka and other state leaders to reconsider the ban. They're hopeful they will get the chance to speak with her themselves.

Fox 4 reached out this morning to see if Mullicka would provide a statement and she did not respond.