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'Let's be Frank': Thoughts on painting the Hertz Arena yellow

Posted at 5:07 PM, Oct 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-22 11:03:49-04

In the words of Frank Cipolla 


Look, I never worked for Hertz – I never even rented a car from Hertz.  But I think painting the Germain Arena yellow is a great idea.

Life is contrast. Things that pop grab our attention. That's why we notice a man's tie or a woman's necklace, because they stand out in contrast to the rest of they're wearing.

How many of us pass the Germain Arena every day and don't even take notice?  

The arena seems to blend in with all the pastel and earth tone colors around it. Sometimes a few of the lights in the letters are broken and it says something like the “Germ Arena”, and that's not good.

In 1889, the people of France couldn't wait for the world exhibition to end so they could tear down the unsightly Eiffel Tower. Can you now imagine Paris without it?

The arena needs to be spruced up. Hertz is paying a ton of money to do it, so why not let the company do what it wants?

When family and friends visit southwest Florida let them return home with great memories of what they saw here including that big, bright yellow muffin along route 75.  It certainly would be a conversation starter.

I’m going on the record right now and say if the arena gets a new coat of yellow paint it will become a must-see attraction.

Really, in a year of red tide, and blue green algae – what's a little yellow? 

What do you think?  Frank would like to know.  Email him at