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Treeline Elementary celebrates Reading Across America week

Reading Across America
Posted at 12:53 PM, Mar 03, 2023

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Students across southwest Florida participated in Reading Across America week where teachers encourage students to not only read in the classroom but at home.

At Treeline Elementary, teachers and students dressed up as their favorite storybook characters.

"We want to promote literacy, but we also want to foster a love of reading for our students," said Jennifer Wilcken, principal of Treeline Elementary. "This brings books to life."

While students lined the hallways wearing their costumes, they also held their favorite books. Inside the classroom, teachers allow them to choose their favorite book as a way to encourage them to read.

"I think if they can put the character as themselves then that would give them more of an opportunity to want to read," said Landy Voltaire, a second-grade teacher.

On Friday morning, Fox 4's Kaitlin Knapp had the opportunity to read to three classes, sharing the importance of reading and how it relates to journalism.

"The motivational part comes in where they’re setting their own goals," Wilcken said.

Goals educators want students to take home and have their families be a part of.

"Just read with them," Voltaire said. "That’s very encouraging and then they’ll always have the desire to read."

If you give a child a book, you really can open up the world for them. That's what we believe at Fox 4 and thanks to the Scripps Howard Fund and viewers, we have been able to give hundreds of books to local students.

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