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Sand still available, but limited, at some locations in Lee County

Posted at 9:59 AM, Sep 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-27 09:59:22-04

LEE CO., Fla. — If you're trying to fill sand bags this morning, you might found yourself out of luck.

Most of the sand that we saw at locations has been depleted. But at Fort Myers Beach City Hall, they have fresh sand that was just dropped off this morning.

Dozens of people have already turned out filling bags and grabbing as much sand as they can. Lee County officials say a lot of other locations ran out yesterday. There may still be some available at other places but the county says it’s up to you to check.

“We did have the sand locations out yesterday and many of them were depleted. There may be some of the sand drop locations that are available. You can contact your fire districts if you’re still looking for some sand.”

And for those still grabbing supplies, the good news is there are some still available. We went to the ace hardware off San Carlos Boulevard where there was quite a crowd. Some grabbing propane others grabbing generators.

“It’s the storm- getting ready for it," said Jim Monahan who lives in Fort Myers. "Getting a few supplies, some spark plugs for generators and things like that.”

“We just got a refill truck of our propane as well so that we can refill everybody’s tanks," said Jonathon Suden, manager of Ace Hardware in Fort Myers. "Gas cans and we had a bunch of generators that just came in.”

Suden said they should be receiving another shipment of supplies today but it all depends on the weather. After this runs out, the County does not plan on supplying any more. So it’s best to check if a location has any before making the journey.

Sand locations in Lee County are below:

  • Fort Myers Beach Fire District is making sand and bags available behind Fort Myers Beach Town Hall.
  • Bonita Springs Fire Control and Rescue District has run out of sand and is only offering bags. (Limit 25 bags per person)