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FORT MYERS | 71-year-old bank robbery suspect arrested in Lehigh Acres

Records show the suspect robbed a bank in 2000
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Truist Bank Robbery
Posted at 10:01 AM, Oct 31, 2023

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — The Lee County Sheriff's Office says they have arrested the 71-year-old man accused of robbing a bank Tuesday morning.

The man, identified as 71-year-old Grant Davis, was found at a 7-Eleven gas station in Lehigh Acres on Tuesday night.

Shortly before, deputies say they found his truck in a heavily wooded area of East 10th Street and Lincoln Avenue.

On Tuesday morning, Crime Stoppers says Davis entered the bank, shot off a round in the air, and demanded money.

LCSO told Fox 4 that Grant got away with cash and an undisclosed amount of money. No one was hurt, but it happened in the middle of the morning when the area was full of people.

Many people who worked in the area said they had never seen anything like this happen at the Truist Bank.

According to a police report obtained by Fox 4, Davis had been arrested for a bank robbery in 2001. The report says he robbed a South Trust Bank in Lehigh Acres in September 2000.

The report says Davis walked in with a sawed-off shotgun, demanded everyone to the ground and told the tellers to give him the cash with no dye packs.

While there were surveillance photos of him, the case went unsolved for several months. In January 2001, a local newspaper printed a photo of Davis showing a tattoo on his arm.

That same day, the report says Davis walked into a substation in Lehigh Acres with the news article and said he was the bank robber.

Truist Bank Robbery suspect.jpeg

“It looks like somebody got shot up, or had a good time and robbed a bank," said Pedro Nieves. “People are down bad bro, times are rough."

Nieves worked next to the bank and said with the climate of the world, he isn't surprised about the robbery.

“I got scared, I thought someone was robbing it," said Jean Carlo, another worker in the area. "Yeah like who robs a bank? Now people are scamming, they aren't robbing anymore, they are using the internet to rob now."

Justine Eiseman just moved to the area from Illinois two months ago.

"As for the bank getting robbed, it’s not very surprising unfortunately with the times we are living in," Eiseman said.

What bothered her most was all of the LCSO activity and the search for the robber so close to her home.

“With the helicopter going over our property looking for him, it was just frightening," Eiseman said.

The FBI is taking over the investigation.