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Friends of Koreshan Farmer's Market reopens at new location

FORT MYERS|Friends of Koreshan Farmer's Market reopens at new location
Posted at 3:20 PM, Sep 19, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-19 15:22:10-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. — The Friends of Koreshan Farmer's Market had its first day at its new location on Sunday.

Just over one month after Fox 4 spoke with vendors about a sudden location change, they're staying positive and already seeing the benefits.

After a month-long break, the local businesses are back selling their goods but in a setting, they're not used to.

"So far it's pretty similar," said Todd Johnson, Owner of Artisan Bread Company.

Fox 4 last spoke with Johnson in late July, one week before vendors had to pack up and leave Koreshan State Park for good. Johnson and many other vendors said they were concerned about the location change.

“We’ve had a pleasantly surprising turnout for the first day," said Johnson. "There’s a lot of people that just happen to be driving by and saw us."

Johnson says the new location off Three Oaks Parkways at the Three Oaks Town Center in Fort Myers is more visible than the last location from the road and that's helping.

“It’s at least as busy as we were at the park and probably busier," said Cindy Cloughly, Administrator of Friends at Koreshan State Park Inc.

Although they might not be physically in the park anymore,
the non-profit Friends of Koreshan is still running the Farmer's Market. According to Cloughly, vendor fees still go towards supporting the park.

“Actually, I’ve had quite a few people who stopped by this morning that had been habitual visitors from the park," said Johnson. "They’re very happy to see us back.”

According to Cloughly, the new location has the capacity for up to 40 booths.

“It’ll be a few weeks or so before we really really start to build up, I think," said Cloughly.

There is still room for more booths at the site, and Cloughly says they're currently looking for a produce vendor.