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Babysitters Club: how one agency is helping ease the struggle of the nationwide formula shortage

Posted at 8:59 PM, May 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-20 09:38:52-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — The hunt is on for a group of babysitters in Southwest Florida.

Doublemint Sitting is going above and beyond to make sure their families get the baby formula they need.

"If you see a formula, let us know because our team of sitters is literally on the prowl 24/7," Synthia Fairman, Co-owner of Doublemint sitting said.

Now, the sitting service is doing double duty to find a formula for her frantic parents, "They’ve been texting us, asking our sitters to stop and get formula on their way in."

After countless texts, Fairman created a network among her sitters in the company to always be on the lookout for formulas, even giving their sitters the money to buy formulas at any time.

Ainsley Moreland, a Doublemint Babysitter says she never thought she would be in this situation, "I really never expected that to happen," saying it's something she's done for families she does and doesn't sit for.

Moreland, a college student says she's thankful for Doublemint providing funds to help families in need, but also for her clients, like Dina Elgendy, who allows her to help those families in crisis.

"I actually encouraged her to take my kids with her and she uses my cars with the car seat to target or anywhere she goes," Elgendy said, adding it's also a teachable lesson to her three and five-year-old, "It instills in the kid's personality that they know that they need to think of others as well."

Elgendy, says this shortage is heartbreaking and if she had kids that were in need of formula she'd be distraught, so from one mom to another, "If there's any way I can ease any other parents' mind about feeding their child I’m glad to do it."

Fairman says It's a creative solution to a problem, that for some families brings peace of mind, "So every family with a newborn or a young child who is on formula, we'll make sure they have that."

The Doublemint team says as long as there is a shortage, they'll do all that they can to help out their families.