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Help welcome students back to school with a handshake and a smile

Posted at 11:14 AM, Jul 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-26 11:24:07-04

CAPE CORAL, Fl. — There are many ways to support students and teachers who are preparing for the new school year.

For this event, they’re asking for a different type of donation.

FOX 4 asked Franklin Park Elementary student Sincere Gibbs to describe the first day of school on campus.

“They give you a hug. They shake your hand. Loving. It’s all loving.”

That’s the environment district teacher leader Tamara Hunter hopes you can help create once again this school year.

“This is the place you’ll want to be.”

Every year, she hosts “A Gentleman Welcome” . She invites men from the community to stand side by side with local leaders and people from our area to show support for children on their first day of school. You might wonder, though, “Why men?”.

“We have so many women on our campus on a regular basis. We want more men involved in our children’s lives.”

Andrew Layton attends the event. He’s a local coach and business owner. He says he grew up without many role models. He hopes cheering for the kids, and sharing life experiences with them plants a seed.

“And they can say that can be me one day,” Andrew Layton.

Ms. Hunter says over 150 students attended last year’s event.

This year, they’re hoping for even more.

“I’m trying to hit 200!”.

Layton says it’s an easy to give back.

“They’re not asking for much. They’re just asking for you to come out, shake some hands, and be a kid.”

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Photo Credit: Jacquie's Event Photos & Jessie Dortch