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Fans return to JetBlue Park for Red Sox-Twins Opening Day

JetBlue Opening Day 2022
Posted at 4:29 PM, Mar 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-17 18:49:24-04

Fans are lined up for opening day of the Grapefruit League play with Twins taking on the Red Sox at Jet Blue Park on Thursday

And maybe it is the hot dogs, the summer weather we have been seeing in Southwest Florida, or maybe just the crack of the bat. Fans are so excited about spring training being back.

“Opening day we didn’t think was going to happen,” said Chris Morocco.

Morocco, who is a Red Sox season ticket holder, could not contain his excitement.

"And just figured we are going to come down, we got to get out of the snow,” said Morocco. “We got get out of the ice. We need a break. We haven’t been able to travel for two years. So here are. And baseball was a good big smile on our face.”

Many fans smiling one week after the 99-day owner-imposed lockout ended, with the signing on a new collective bargaining agreement. Fans like Morocco and Robert Antczak hitting ballparks across Southwest Florida.

“I really thought this lockout was going to last a long, long time,” said Antczak. “I am just thrilled to be about to come out to Florida and enjoy some rays and see the sox play. It is tremendous. It is a great feeling.”

Thousands travel to spring training sites every year to watch their favorite team. With the lockout postponing the start of games, visitors came to Florida not knowing if they would even be able to see a game.

“That’s why came to Florida to see spring training,” said Danny Shrekhise. “We thought we going to miss it. We got to fly out tomorrow and we were really glad that they were playing today it is awesome.”

“We have been waiting here for two weeks for ball games,” said Jerry Sheets “And we just made it.”

After the long layoff, Jerry Sheets was finally able to see his team take the field Thursday. Now he and so many others are looking forward to seeing 17 or 18 spring training games over the next 21 days

Red Sox fans like Morocco and Antczack are even already thinking ahead to October playoff baseball.

“I am excited about another championship,” said Morocco. “That’s what I am excited about. We got the team that’s going to do it.”

“Let’s try and win a world series,” said Antczak. “That’s what it is always about. So we came close last year, let’s get over the hump this year.”

With 20 days left of this abbreviated spring training schedule before teams head north for the regular season, there is still plenty of time to come out to a game.