Costello sentenced to 10 years for fatal Fort Myers hit and run crash on motorcyclist

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- A judge has sentenced Adam Costello to 10 and a half years in prison for his role in a fatal hit and run crash in 2016 that took the life of an 18-year-old motorcyclist.

In June 2016, Costello was driving a pickup truck that struck and killed Adam King.  Costello then left the scene and tampered with evidence in the case.

Costello pleaded no contest to the charges.

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Adam King's mother and father were bracing themselves for another trying day Monday, leaning on each other for emotional support.  "Limp, just drained. I knew it was going to be emotional today, but wow."

King's parents watched Adam Costello raise his hand and approach the bench. He's the man who was charged for the hit and run crash which killed their son back in 2016.

Costello addressed the court, and King's mother and father with an apology, saying he's truly sorry for their loss.

“The truth is that over these past 20 months I've lived in my own prison because of the guilt and remorse I feel," said Costello.

"I think it was sincere, but I don't feel sorry for him," said the parents.

Judge Margaret Steinbeck decided on the sentence.

Both sides didn't want to have to put the family through a trial.  "It's a tragedy; two families are ruined by this, one more so than the other," said Costello’s attorney.

Costello asks King's mom and dad for forgiveness.  "I don't expect you do so anytime soon, but I do pray and ask that one day you will be able to forgive me. Not so much for me, but for the healing process of yourself.”

King's parents say they will one day.  "Eventually I have to be. I can't carry, i don't want to carry around that guilt of not forgiving."

King's parents told Fox 4 outside the courtroom that they're going to need a few days for this really to sink in for them.


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