Former Supervisor of Elections Candidate ties to fatal hit and run

Posted at 7:22 PM, Sep 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-06 19:24:14-04

LEE COUNTY, Fla. -- Eye-opening new details have emerged in the high-profile hit-and-run that killed a Fort Myers teen earlier this summer. Forty-one year old Adam Costello is charged with the hit-and-run involving death and tampering with evidence in the crash that killed 18 year old Adam King on Colonial Boulevard.

Former Lee County Supervisor of Elections Candidate Dan Sinclair is friends with Costello and has spent the past several weeks posting on social media asking anyone with information about the fatal hit-and-run crash that left 18 year old Adam King lifeless to come forward.

Sinclair was with Costello the night King was killed. Investigators believe Costello was driving his own white truck that struck King on Father's Day.

Court documents obtained by Four In Your Corner show how police connected Adam Costello to the fatal accident. FOX 4 also discovered inconsistencies in what the former Supervisor of Elections candidate told investigators about his time with Costello the day of the crash.

Sinclair told detectives Costello drove to his house the morning of the accident, but Sinclair told police he didn't know what type of vehicle Costello was driving. Investigators say multiple cameras are installed in Sinclair's home and  video surveillance footage from the house would have cleared this up so they executed a search warrant.

The day Sinclair's home was raided, he posted a video on Facebook, telling people this was the third time he had volunteered information but this time police decided to get a search warrant and called this,
"the strangest thing he's ever seen."

According to court documents, the day a search warrant was issued, a deputy knocked on Sinclair's door multiple times but no one came to the door. The deputy looked through the window in the garage door and noticed the light inside the garage was open and a red convertible Audi was in the garage that belonged to Sinclair. The deputy read the warrant aloud and continued to request access to the house at the front door.

Another deputy walked to the the back of the house near the sliding glass door and noticed a large dog inside the house. The report states that when the deputy would knock, the dog would bark and go towards the kitchen area of the house. Deputies later found Sinclair inside his home in the kitchen.

Sinclair says he was waiting for his attorney before opening the door but when the deputy told him the search warrant was a search for video surveillance equipment he uttered, "that hasn't worked for a year and a half but go ahead."

According to the report, police found the DVR that would have captured the video missing in it's entirety.

David Levine who was arrested for hacking into the Lee County Supervisor of Elections database to expose holes in the system during Sinclair's campaigning spoke to detectives after the crash. While he was unfamiliar with the details of the hit-and-run, he told police, he had a conversation with Sinclair on July 14th. That day Levin says Sinclair told him that he gave the DVR for the home surveillance footage to Costello and that he had already told him attorney about the 'DVR' and because he didn't do anything wrong, the "DVR wasn't worth mentioning. Sinclair also told Levin not to cooperate with police.

This phone call took place several hours before the search warrant was served on Sinclair's house where it was determined that the DVR for his home surveillance system was missing.

Four In Your Corner was the only camera crew inside Sinclair's home moments after the search in July. Sinclair telling us his friend Costello was not involved in the crash and claimed not to know anything about the crash until two days later.

Court documents tell a different story. A childhood friend of Sinclair and Costello told detectives he believed Costello was driving the Toyota the night of the crash and was likely drinking Alcohol, adding he also believes Sinclair "will not cooperate with the police and cover for Costello."

Four In Your Corner called Sinclair multiple times and went back to Sinclair's house with court documents in hand to give him an opportunity to clear his story. He has not returned any calls but it is important to point out he has not been arrested in this case.