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Charlotte County Sheriff's Deputy saves six-month-old after deadly crash

Video footage shows the Deputy jumping into action to save the life of a six-month-old baby after a motorcyclist crashed into their family's car.
Charlotte County Sheriff's Office investigation
Posted at 10:13 AM, Feb 16, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-16 18:18:30-05

ENGLEWOOD, Fla. — A Charlotte County Sheriff's Deputy is being hailed a hero after saving the life of a six-month-old baby after a motorcycle collided with a vehicle.

Please note, some people may find the video disturbing.


Sgt. Dave Musgrove was on patrol, traveling in the right lane on S. McCall Rd. in Englewood just after 7:30 p.m. on February 8th.

A motorcyclist, estimated to be traveling in excess of 100 mph, passed by Musgrove in the left lane.

Seconds later, the Deputy saw a cloud of dust and smoke ahead of him in median.

As he approached, Musgrove saw the shattered motorcycle in the middle of the road.

The other vehicle involved in the accident was approximately 25-40 feet away, according to the sheriff's office.

Dashcam and Body Worn Camera video shows crying coming from the car, and the driver pleading with Musgrove to save her children.

The video shows the motorcyclist, deceased, wedged into the rear window on the driver's side of the vehicle. As Musgrove rushed to check on the victim's, he heard the driver yell to him, pleading to help her children.

The video shows Musgrove removing a small child from her booster seat.
As a white pickup truck pulls up, Musgrove calls for the driver to pull over and hold the little girl.

The Deputy then located a baby seat with an infant inside, who appeared to be unconscious. According to the Sheriff's office, the infant had no pulse and was not breathing. As the child's mother pleaded for her baby's life, Musgrove began life saving measures. A short time later, EMS arrived and began chest compressions.

"“I tried to check for signs of life, which I wasn't gettinG," said Musrgrove. "I immediately started life saving measures and ultimately they worked.”

After only a couple minutes, EMS reported a pulse.

"I still don’t consider myself a hero," said Musgrove. "I was just doing my job. Anybody who has received the training that we have received would do the same thing.”

"The actions of Sgt. Musgrove are to be commended. His poise and calm demeanor in a scene of chaos and tragedy ultimately save the life of a beautiful child," said Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummell.

"I want to thank the bystanders who came to his aid as well, allowing him to focus on the immediate need of the baby. This was a senseless accident that resulted in a life lost, but it would have been two lives had Dave not been there. Still, I offer my thoughts and prayers to the friends and family of the motorcyclist and I ask that you keep this mother and her children in your prayers."