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Car crashes into two-story home in Fort Myers

Posted at 12:10 AM, Jan 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-12 05:48:34-05

FORT MYERS, Fla. — The South Trails Fire Department said a car took out a load-bearing wall when it smashed into a Woodrose Court home in Fort Myers Monday night.

Emergency crews said they had to work quickly to reconstruct a load-bearing wall after a car destroyed it in a crash Monday night around 7 o’clock.

"I was upstairs in bed. [I] heard a loud crash, glass breaking," homeowner, Alexandra Spungin said.

South Trails Fire Department spokesperson Amy Bollen tells Fox 4 incidents like these are not uncommon.

"Cars into building and striking a building do happen pretty often. This particular incident, the car did enter the building so that made it difficult because the vehicle hit a load-supporting wall," director of public relations for the South Trails Fire Department, Amy Bollen said.

According to the fire department, the second floor had to be shored up for the removal of the car. Crews then boarded up the area using plywood to assure the area was secured.

"They did temporary shore supports and they traveled to our USAR trailer. They went and retrieved the wood that is necessary and made a double-t shore wall. What that did is support the second story and what it did was create a safety line for that home so that building instructors and engineers could so they could safely repair it," Bollen said.

Spungin said she stayed with a neighbor Monday night. According to the fire department, the driver of the vehicle asked to be taken to the hospital to be evaluated. Spungin is still processing what happened.

"I have never been in this situation," Spungin said,

Spungin told Fox 4 she received assistance from the Red Cross and will be staying with them for the night.