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911 calls, witness accounts describe panicked moments at Zombicon shooting

Posted at 11:10 PM, May 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-24 08:05:35-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. - 4 In Your Corner obtained new documents that shed more light on the Zombicon shooting in 2015 that left one man dead and injured 6 others.

The State Attorney's Office released 911 calls, interviews with witnesses, and crime scene photos.

"I heard boom, boom, boom, boom," one witness told detectives.

The 911 operators tried to comfort panicked callers. Fort Myers Police and the Lee County Sheriff's Office received also got calls who asked law enforcement if they had the shooter in custody.

"Somebody got shot downtown. Did y'all get the guy," one man asked police over the phone.

Investigators conducted and listened to hours and hours of witness interviews.

Many of the witness accounts obtained by 4 In Your Corner describe the confusion that took place when the shots started.

"I thought it was a firecracker or something," one woman told police.

The chilling details witnesses gave investigators matched the eeriness of the crime scene photos.

Some saw Tyrell Taylor's body as they fled from the gunfire.

"All I saw was a dead body and the everyone scattered," one man said in his interview.

Fort Myers Police announced the arrest of Jose Raul Bonilla back in late February. More than two years after he killed Taylor and injured so many others.

Some witnesses told investigators they got a good look at the suspect.

"I saw the look in the guy's eyes. He looked cold, blank, like there was nothing," one man described to detectives.

Witness testimony also came from people who weren't at ground level. One woman described what she saw from the balcony as the chaos unfolded.

"There was a man who I think was the shooter," she said. "It looks like he put a gun in his waistband. He kind of walked off into the crowd while everyone else was running and screaming."

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