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Teen dies contacting power line after crash; FPL investigates

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Posted at 6:09 PM, Jun 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-14 05:39:07-04

ARCADIA, Fla. — A 17-year-old boy, just three months shy of his birthday, died after crashing into a light pole on Saturday night. FHP says Brian Sanchez got out of the car, came into contact with a downed power line and died instantly.

The crash happened on US 17 and Robin Road in Arcadia. Many people who visited the crash site find it hard to believe a teenager, deeply invested in his community, could be left to such a fate.

"Everything he did was with love," said Keila Trujillo, Sanchez's sister. "If we were feeling down, he was always there to cheer us up."

His other sister, Carla, said he sold candy, cut lawns for the elderly and worked as a mechanic.

If that wasn't enough for the teen, he also coached soccer at Brewer Park for the De Soto County Youth Soccer Federation.

"You heard somebody yelling, and all excited from across the field — you knew it was Bryan," said Amber Vilsainti, secretary of the soccer federation. "We knew it was him. He brought a lot of positive energy and uplifting for the kids and I think that’s how they’ll remember him."

Many others are also remembering him for his laughter and spontaneous personality.

We reached out to Florida Power and Light to find out more about how a tragedy like this could happen and if it could have been avoided.

We are aware of the serious incident that occurred Saturday night involving a member of the public who passed away after coming in contact with energized equipment on Southwest Robin Road in Arcadia. We extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends. At this time, the incident is under investigation.

"He had goals to reach and he reached every single one of them one at a time," Keila said.

As the investigation develops, his sisters say they feel an emptiness being near the soccer field — a place that was like a second home to the teenager.

"We already had something planned for the summer, something for Christmas. He just had plans, so many plans," Keila said. "He’s here with us all the time….we know he’s here with us."

The soccer federation is planning on a fundraiser this weekend, but those details are still being ironed out.