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"CORRUPTION": Alfie Oakes threatens legal action after election disqualification

Oakes submitted the wrong paperwork less than an hour before deadline and when the office called him back to correct it, he had missed the deadline.
Posted at 5:19 PM, Jun 19, 2024

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla — Republican Committeeman Alfie Oakes is threatening to file a lawsuit against Collier County Supervisor of Elections, Melissa Blazier, after she disqualified him from this year's primaries.

The Supervisor of Elections office says they are just following Florida law.

"There is no indication on this form that Mr. Oakes wanted to file for state committeeman," said Blazier.

After filing the wrong paperwork, Oakes will not be on the Republican primary ballot this August. He was seeking a second term as Collier County's Republican State Committeeman but was disqualified due to numerous errors, according to the Elections Office.

Fox 4 reviewed the documents in question.

"This is completed on the incorrect form," Blazier stated. "State committeemen and committeewomen are supposed to use DSDE 305A, and he completed DSDE 301A. Secondly, the 'I swear or affirm that I'm a candidate for the office of' section is completely blank," she added.

The Supervisor of Elections office said this incorrect form was submitted 57 minutes before the noon deadline. They contacted Oakes to correct it, but by the time he arrived and fixed it, it was already past the 12:00 deadline.

Despite this, Oakes believes his disqualification is political and that he should be allowed to run.

"This form is actually more in-depth than the form that she called me at 11:50 and said, 'Oh, I need you to get to the office and fill out the right form.' Well, this form is sufficient," Oakes stated.

Oakes plans to take the issue to court.

"It's not about me," he said. "I'm going to wield the same political power with or without being state committeeman. It's more important for me to have the right people doing the right things in our local community, and Melissa Blazier is a corrupt actor in our Supervisor of Elections office," he added.

Tim Guerrette, who is running against Blazier for the Supervisor of Elections position this November, shared his perspective.

"If I were the Supervisor of Elections, I would actually have a notary ready," Guerrette said. "I would have a series of documents, and I would be prepared for this type of thing because people do wait until the last minute to do that," he added.

Oakes eventually filed the correct paperwork, but it was eight minutes late. Blazier says as a constitutional officer, she is in no position to allow it.

Blazier said, "I know everyone wants to know, can I bend the law and make an exception for this? The law is very clear. Candidate qualifying ended at noon on Friday the 14th".