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4 Carjackings and shot dead: Investigators describe one man's crime spree in Lehigh Acres

Lee County Sheriff's Deputies investigating a home on Johns Ave where spree ended.
Investigation on Johns Ave in Lehigh Acres
Posted at 7:42 AM, May 30, 2024

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla — A series of carjackings Wednesday night in Lehigh Acres ended with the carjacker shot dead at the hands of a relative, according to the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

They say 23-year-old Ja'darian Graham fired his own gun at several different points of his crime spree.

Here's how the Lee County Sheriff's Office says it played out:

  1. Carjacking One
    Location: Lee Blvd. Plaza
    Investigators say Graham tried to get into the car, but the people inside refused to get out. They say Graham shot his gun into the ground.
  2. Carjacking Two
    Location: Lee Blvd. Plaza
    Investigators say Graham took control of the car and drove it Lee Blvd. and Hazlewood Ave. For some reason, they say, he left the car in the middle of the road and ran to a gas station.
  3. Carjacking Three
    Location: Exon gas staton at Homestead Rd and Beth Stacey Blvd
    Investigators say Graham got inside the car, but couldn't drive the stick shift. They say he shot into the hood and ran off.
  4. Carjacking Four
    Location: Lehigh Discount Liquor Store on Homstead Rd
    Investigators say he successfully stole the car and drove off.

The sheriff's office says deputies were less than a minute behind Graham the entire time.
From there, investigators say Graham drove about seven miles to a relative's house on Johns Ave. They say he drove into the front yard and started shooting into the house.

Investigation on Johns Ave in Lehigh Acres
Deputies investigating a home and a car on Johns Ave in Lehigh Acres.

Two people were inside, according to investigators. They say a woman ran out the back, but a man stayed inside.

Investigators say eventually Graham went into the house and found the man. By that point, investigators say the man had his own gun and the two got into a shootout.

The man who lives in the house shot Graham dead. Deputies say he was shot in the arm.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno told Fox 4 that the homeowner is a hero for putting an end to the crime spree.

"This is a very unfortunate situation," said Sheriff Marceno. "The homeowner is a hero. The homeowner, here he is in his house, gets shot and returns fire and kills our suspect so the homeowner is a hero.”

Sheriff Marceno said Graham had no criminal history, and investigators are still working on a motive.

"Its very odd, someone 23-years-old, no criminal history, decides to go on a violent spree of carjackings," said Sheriff Marceno. "So we're not certain why, and the why is the big question, but we are certain that the great residents of Lee County are going to be safe and we're not going to tolerate that behavior."

Sheriff Marceno said a toxicology report on Graham is pending.