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A SOLUTION: What Ft Myers decided, to help small business workers park downtown

FOX 4's Fort Myers Community Correspondent Miyoshi Price learned what the city arranged with Denison so downtown employees could park at a discount.
Posted at 6:03 PM, Jun 28, 2024

FORT MYERS, Fla. — We've been covering the downtown parking issue for quite some time, now the city says this is a solution.

Your Fort Myers Community Correspondent, Miyoshi Price, spoke with people dealing with this issue daily.

Some say it is a good thing, and others say it is a first step but can use some revisions.

Krystian Sicard, a bartender at 10 Twenty Five restaurant, is happy to have some financial relief from the new employee parking option in downtown Fort Myers.

"The main concerns I've had with working downtown is hearing that parking was changing right when I got the job, and it affected everything in terms of, like, if I come into work and it's slow," says Sicard.

Denison Parking and the city of Fort Myers are selling $30 parking permit passes to employees of downtown Fort Myers, effective July 2024.

There is a business attached to one side of the parking lot, by Monday you will start to see Royal Palm Parking signs that separate the lot. Be sure to place the parking permit in your dashboard for all to see.

The lot is off Royal Palm Avenue and Second Street.

It currently holds 91 cars.

Ozzie Morrobel, owner of Taco Works, says it's a step in the right direction for businesses with more employees, but he has parking in the back of his business.

"We're able to use and squeeze sometimes two or three vehicles at once," says Morrobel.

His concern was others parking in those spots. He believes new parking options should alleviate those concerns.

He says that the city and businesses should strategize safety precautions as the solution grows.

"If I have anybody working here late night, especially if it's a lady, we make sure we escorted into the vehicle, no matter where they're parked," says Morrobel.

Your Fort Myers Community Correspondent, Miyoshi Price, saw Councilman Liston Bochette to learn how they have incorporated safety measures.

"We've lit this up very well," says Bochette. "It's a good suggestion. We'll just send a note over to the police chief and say, could you give us a little extra security on that area."