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For the second time, Collier County commissioners fail to pass rental ordinance

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Posted at 3:58 PM, May 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-07 09:34:17-04

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. — Collier County commissioners did not pass a rental ordinance on Tuesday afternoon, which has been argued for the past month.

It would've required landlords to tell tenants two months in advance if the landlord is going to raise the rent by five percent or more. This is the second time commissioners have voted down this particular ordinance.

On Tuesday, it went slightly differently. There was a motion to pass the ordinance. Because no one seconded it, it failed automatically.

On top of the ordinance requiring notice, landlords would've had to put in it that there are assistance programs out there for tenants. It's something the county's been struggling to get the word out about.

On May 10, some commissioners expressed their disapproval of the ordinance. Some said it doesn't help people and address the bigger issue, which they say is the rising rent rates.

Supporters of the ordinance disagree.

"When you consider the fact that 65.% of households that receive SNAP benefits are above the poverty line have at least one if not two individuals – it highlights the fact that our families and our individuals are doing everything possible to try and make ends meet," an FGCU Associate Professor said during public comment on Tuesday. "You’ve got to meet them someplace in the middle."

During the meeting, Commissioner Penny Taylor tried to push the ordinance to another meeting because Burt Saunders, another commissioner, was not there. That motion failed two to two.

At least one commissioner, William McDaniel, said he doesn't have an interest in hearing the ordinance anymore. However, it could end up back on the agenda at another meeting.