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Collier County Schools to train staff on administering Narcan

Posted at 4:11 PM, Sep 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-07 16:11:11-04

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. — Collier County Public Schools began putting Narcan inside schools this week. Thursday, Superintendent Dr. Leslie Ricciardelli said the entire district office was trained to administer Narcan to someone.

Narcan can be used in the case of someone being exposed to or overdosing on fentanyl — a potentially deadly drug.

"Every one of our teachers in every school will receive the training on how to administer Narcan," Ricciardelli said. "Education is the only way in trying to prevent this."

Teachers and staff will learn where the Narcan is, which is attached to AEDs throughout the school. All of the Narcan going into the schools is donated, Ricciardelli said.

"Every school clinic received four units of Narcan this week. They will get more for the additional AEDs outside of the clinic," Ricciardelli explained.

Ricciardelli said they have no factual data, as there have been no overdoses at any Collier schools. Still, she wants to be prepared.

"You can’t just be blind to the fact that this could happen," she said. "Just based on the prevalence of it out in society, you have to assume that it’s going to hit someone inadvertently."

She said as an educator, she never thought they would have to equip schools with Narcan.

"This might have to become one of those things where... it just becomes natural for us to know," Ricciardelli said. "My biggest worry is just the accidental situations from people buying things online. The thought of a child having access to those is really quite scary."

Students will also watch age-appropriate videos, while parents will have access to videos and handouts for education about the potentially lethal doses of fentanyl.