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See what Cape Coral builders discovered underground that paused part of a construction project

Cape Coral Burrowing Owl egg discovered
Posted at 2:38 PM, Dec 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-21 15:54:50-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — In the busy area of downtown Cape Coral, construction workers off Cape Coral Parkway near the Bimini Basin had to pause part of their construction site because of a burrowing owl egg.

Janet Windisch, a member of the non-profit, Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife spoke with Fox 4 about what led to the discovery.

“If a permit has been issued for the legally permitted removal of a burrowing owl's nest, there are specific rules and procedures that have to be followed," said Windisch.

Windisch told Fox 4's Cape Coral community correspondent Colton Chavez the construction company, Brooks & Freund, did follow all the legal rules to remove the burrowing owl's nest.

She said it’s because they went above and beyond, and even below the ground to check the owl’s nest, they were able to make a shocking discovery.

Rusty Martin, the construction site’s manager, sent us these pictures showing the moment the egg was discovered.

Courtesy: Rusty Martin, Brooks & Freund LLC

“He told me the next day that both the adults (owls) were observed back at the burrow again so hopefully that means that the egg will be able to hatch,” said Windisch.

Windisch said it's a weird time to see an egg because the official breeding season for the burrowing owl is from February 15 to July 10.

She said it’s become a trend over the past few years.

“We’re seeing chicks emerge months before that traditional breeding season,” said Windisch.

Windisch said she couldn’t explain the early start to the breeding season, but what she could tell us was how people in Cape Coral could help.

“Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife can help you build a burrow in your yard so that the owls can find a home,” said Windisch.

Click here for more information on how to build your own nest.