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COULD YOU LOOK AT THIS EVERY DAY? Cape Coral neighbors say they have to and the city isn't helping

Cape Coral home
Posted at 6:50 PM, Dec 19, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-19 18:50:54-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Homeowners who live along a canal in Cape Coral said their dream to live along the water, ends on the other side of the canal.

Neighbors like Kathy Grabow say the home across the canal continues to deteriorate and neither the homeowner nor the City of Cape Coral has done anything to fix it.

"Well the six-foot weeds the grass thats is probably two feet tall and the junk that's lying in the back,” said Grabow.

Grabow, along with several other neighbors said they have called and reported the home to the city, but they say all that gets done, is a violation.

“Every now and then evidently after someone else has called they will come in and cut,” said Grabow.

Grabow said it doesn't take long for the spray paint on the wall, the grass as tall as the roof, and the abandoned pieces of junk scattered across the yard to return.

“It's frustrating and I never have looked into the legal aspects, maybe the city can't do anything,” said Grabow.

Fox 4's Colton Chavez looked into what could be done and discovered the city is aware of the home and its code violations.

Among the six total code violations from the city dating as far back as July 2023, three of the violations show are non-compliant and are due to the non-maintained condition of the home.

A Cape Coral city spokesperson said the home had been issued a warning and a notice of violation.

Eventually, the city said it could make a legal claim on the property.

On Tuesday, Fox 4 tried to ask the homeowner if they had a reason for the mess, but have not been able to reach someone at the house.

Frustrated homeowners like Keith Lamb said it’s gotten so bad, he said rats have started crawling into his yard.

“When I have to increase my pest control and when I'm bringing in guests and the first thing out of their mouth oh wow what's happening next door?” said Lamb.

It was a question neighbors said they hoped the city would care enough to answer.

“I'm not sure why the city does not want to make it happen,” said Lamb.