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CONSTRUCTION CONTINUES: Andalusia Boulevard could see an extension

North Cape Coral could see more construction headed its way and its dividing neighbors
CONSTRUCTION CONTINUES: Andalusia Boulevard could see an extension
Posted at 9:51 PM, May 21, 2024

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — There is already plenty of construction on Andalusia Boulevard, and there could be a lot more coming.

On Wednesday, City staff will present a $15 million project, that could extend the road, through the industrial park off Kismet Parkway and Andalusia Boulevard.

If you live in the northern part of Cape Coral, it's not an if you'll have to deal with the road construction, but how.

"The traffic is terrible,” said Dorila Garces, who lives on Northeast 7th Place. "You know, nobody can walk in the street. Sometimes I go to the other street, not here."

People like Dorila Garces say they fear for their safety when walking through their own neighborhood, and people like Casey Joslin have to get creative at work.

Joslin is the General Manager at Island Coast Trailer, which is pretty much ground zero for this project.

"A road going through the industrial park doesn't exactly sound like an industrial park to me,” said Joslin.

But that is the plan. The City will look at extending Andalusia Boulevard...North from Kismet Parkway to Jacaranda Parkway.

CONSTRUCTION CONTINUES: Andalusia Boulevard could see an extension
CONSTRUCTION CONTINUES: Andalusia Boulevard could see an extension

Right through a wooded area and the industrial park where Joslin works.

"We kind of have some shut off from the normal public roads and here, we actually have certain laws that provide us the right of way on commercial vehicles like forklifts, which most of time people don't know about or adhere to anyways, so not only is that dangerous, but we're going to add a little bit to it,” said Joslin. “A little surprising just for some neighborhood access."

That access is exactly what Dorila wants.

"I'm very happy someone's thinking about [us],” said Garces.

She thinks this project, will direct more cars away from her street, and onto the new section of Andalusia.

"I'm super okay with it, because there are so many accidents on the corner, because it's too narrow,” said Garces.

"I guess, sure, that neighborhoods might want that traffic out, so I guess I can understand that point of view, but again, like I said, this is kind of an industrial park a little bit less friendly for people to come through,” said Joslin.

As your Cape Coral Community Correspondent, Bella Line will keep you up to date on the city’s decision on this project.