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Cape Coral Splatter Art Studio goes beyond the canvas for owner

Owner Stacey Sawyer says her sister's battle with cancer led her to start Pineapple Picasso
Pineapple Picasso
Posted at 3:57 PM, Jan 05, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-05 16:34:18-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — A new art studio in Cape Coral, Pineapple Picasso is showing people new possibilities when it comes to art and what art can stand for.

Owner, Stacey Sawyer talked with Fox 4 about her sister Tracey and her battle with cancer.

“This month will be the anniversary of her death, she had multiple Myeloma, and she fought it for two years before she passed away,” said Sawyer.

Sawyer said she and her sister were two pineapples in a pod.

“We were both from Illinois but when I moved here she followed me two years later cause we were that close,” said Sawyer.

After her sister's passing, Sawyer said she had to find a new path forward.

“I kept getting told I needed to go to therapy and all this,” said Sawyer.

She said her therapy came from picking up a brush and creating resin artwork, for the first time.

“First I started taking over the kitchen table..and it made me feel better it was like therapy for me,” said Sawyer.

Therapy that eventually grew into Pineapple Picasso.

Sawyer said she quit her job as a Lee County teacher and now teaches people better paint strokes but also better splatters in their paint splatter room.

“There is so much going on in there then you see the black light paint and everybody is like this is so cool, we even have paint that comes from the ceiling,” said Sawyer.

Watching her dream bear fruit, Sawyer said is that much sweeter because of what pineapples meant to her sister Tracey.

“She liked it so much that I was like you know what… I gotta keep this…One way for me to keep her alive with me is to just do everything pineapples,” said Sawyer.

A piece of her heart and a tribute to her sister Tracey shared with everyone who comes inside Pineapple Picasso.

“Ya she is pretty proud, I know she is," said Sawyer.

Pineapple Picasso is located at 2612 Santa Barbara Blvd #2.

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