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Cape Coral man says his home feels like a target for car crashes

Bob Mckewen says he no longer feels safe after 8 crashes involving his home
Posted at 6:12 PM, Jan 04, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-04 18:12:12-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — After a car crashed into his property in Cape Coral on December 27, 2023, Bob Mckewen said he was still picking up the scattered car pieces.

Bob Mckewen said just after 2 a.m. a car crashed through the roundabout median in front of his home off Cape Coral Parkway, eventually bulldozing he said, into his front yard.

Mckewen said the car destroyed over $2,000 worth of Christmas decorations and then drove off.

“Every time we go to bed at night we think is tonight gonna be the night for the next accident,” said Mckewen.

Those thoughts Mckewen said come from the eight car crashes he says have involved his home over the past 21 years.

“When it's a hit and run, who you gonna sue?" asked Mckewen.

On Thursday as the Cape Coral Police Department searched for the driver responsible, the department reported over the New Year's Eve weekend they arrested 12 people for DUI.

The report showed that 1/3 of those arrests involved property damage like Bob’s Mckewen.

“Front end is gone, side mirrors gone, sitting on my front lawn,” said Mckewen.

A Cape Coral Police Department spokesperson said through email that the department saw four more DUIs compared to last year, but connects the increase to additional grant funding that allows for more DUI operations.

Mckewen said he doesn’t know if the driver who caused the accident at his home was under the influence, but said he does have a solution.

“The best and cheapest fix is to put a four-way stop at the end of this street,” said Mckewen.

Mckewen asked for anyone with information or possibly video detailing the night of the crash to please contact Cape Coral police.

When Fox 4 asked Cape Coral police if the department had encouraged The City of Cape Coral to promote any sort of free ride-share service, this is what a spokesperson for the department had to say.

"There is a free taxi that already exists in downtown Cape Coral. Outside of that, those drinking are adults. People should be responsible enough to arrange a ride before going out. Choose a designated driver; choose a ride-sharing service. Nothing will ever cost as much as the price you pay for taking a life," said the spokesperson.